Loft Conversion

A loft conversion in West London can significantly increase the value of your property by up to 20% while turning that unused space into something useful.

Have you ever dreamed of having an extra bedroom, a home cinema, a library, a gym, an office space, or a storage room? We can convert and transform your loft while maximizing the potential of that empty space. Almost every loft can be converted. The type of loft conversion suitable for your home depends on the type of your property and any limitations set by the local planning parameters.

Home Extension

A house extension in West London is in general lines the most efficient way of gaining extra space without having to go through the hassle of moving.

West London homes struggle with insufficient space within their properties, thus house extensions are becoming more and more popular. The additional benefit of having value added to your property along with the extra space makes this a very attractive option for homeowners. We will assist you to plan, design and build any type of home extension that you may have in mind as long as it's within the local planning guidelines.

Basement Conversion

A basement conversion in West London is a smart way of adding another floor to your home, only this time underground.

When every square foot of living space in West London comes at a premium, why relocate when you can extend your basement? Sometimes the only way of getting that extra space without having to move to a new house is to go down in to a basement. This can vastly increase your floor space as well as the value of your property. We incorporate a fully customizable service that includes planning, design and construction.

Refurbishment & Renovation

A house refurbishment in West London is the most cost-effective way to spruce up your home as well as give it a modern feel and aesthetic.

A house renovation means getting exactly what you want from a place you've grown to love. With West London house prices on the rise, it's best to renovate your existing spaces rather than undergo the expense and inconvenience of moving. Not only will you be adding value to your home, but upgrades in materials and technology can significantly reduce utility bills and home maintenance expenses.