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At Home Constructive, we offer much more than your standard home improvement service. Combining creative vision, practical know-how and cost-effective direction, we design and deliver truly amazing spaces for a range of commercial and residential clients.

Outstanding Build & Design

The greatest trick up our sleeve is our ability to connect with our client’s ideas to devise and present them with their dream space made real.


But we don’t do this entirely on our own. Working with some of the top names and suppliers in London (and beyond) ensures that we can achieve incredible value and quality on every project. From bespoke joinery, lighting, kitchens and bathroom to specialised AV installations, we always know exactly who to call to make sure that our clients get the very best for their budget.


This integrated design approach not only help keeps the budget in check but it's a time-saver too. By involving specialist design companies at key stages, we're able to do away with the delays caused by contractual red tape and focus on the business of creating a space that's sublime.

Providing a 5 star Service Since 2014

Founded by Artan Petic in 2014, we noticed it cost far too much to access reliable, quality build and design services so we set out to put an end to this.

We're long established and have in-depth knowledge and experience with achieving planning and design buildings to create amazing spaces.

We can design bespoke extensions for individual homeowners and have a vast portfolio of varied projects including large residential schemes to commercial projects.

Every year we successfully deliver a wide variety of projects and gain permission hundreds of times.

Our unique process uses modern technology to ensure all projects are delivered with excellent results.

We help with a vast variety of projects and encourage our clients to become part of the design process. We always seek to ensure our clients are happy clients!

Founder - Artan Petic

Trusted by Homeowners & Developers

Client satisfaction is our top priority

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