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About Us


I am Artan, the founder and director of Home Constructive. Having subcontracted work for major companies in the home building industry in and around London for 15 years, I couldn't help but notice the confusion between clients and myself caused by the main contractor, who was the middleman. This inspired me to come up with a solution to this. The idea was to work directly for the clients, cutting out any middlemen that complicated the process, as this only introduced additional costs and project completion times. So with a well-established network of designers, architects and the help of my trustworthy team of builders, carpenters, plumbers, electricians etc. I founded Home Constructive

Our goal is to offer an all-in-one build and design service in such a way that it would eliminate confusion and simplify the process for homeowners.

Our Story

Why Choose Us

Being a homeowner myself I understand that home extensions are a large investment and that the company that you choose to undertake the works must inspire sheer confidence.

Over the past decades, we have completed over 50 projects in London and have guided many homeowners into efficiently transforming their property while increasing its value, therefore we have a lot of experience to put in designing and building your dream home.

It is our job to ensure the smooth operation of the project while offering you peace of mind, so we handle all the hassle and just keep you informed on the developments. Your level of involvement in the project is entirely up to you!

All of our services are completely versatile and can be adapted to your circumstances because we know that every project, like every homeowner, is unique.