A basement conversion is a perfect way to gain more indoor space without sacrificing any of your outside space.


Basement conversions have come to be popular in London for quite a while and now this home improvement trend is becoming desirable in Uxbridge too.


Basement rooms can be used for several things some of which include:

  • Indoor swimming pool

  • Gym or fitness room

  • Kitchen

  • Wine cellar

  • Home office

  • Playroom

  • Library

  • Hobby room

  • Games room

  • Home bar


Whatever you intend to achieve with your space, our skilled designers, project managers and builders will be there to help you every step of the way.


At Home Constructive, we offer a turn-key service that takes you all the way from design to completion.


If you’re considering a basement conversion to improve your home, then contact Home Constructive today for a FREE site survey.


An expert surveyor from Home Constructive will visit your property and will advise if a basement conversion is feasible for your home.


If the project is realistic, the surveyor will provide advice on what can be achieved and will take measurements for the cost assessment.

Home Constructive quotes are divided into two parts, the first part is the design and planning process while the second is the digging out of the basement and the final fit-out.


Once the contract has been signed, the design and planning phase can begin.


What does a London basement conversion project involve?

One of the most important aspects of building a basement conversion is ensuring you have all the right paperwork in place.


If your property has a wall connected to another property or it’s detached and the basement conversion comes within 3m of their property, a Party Wall Agreement will need to be arranged.


At Home Constructive, one of our certified party wall surveyors can help you through this process.


Our knowledgeable team can also help you navigate the planning permission process, and if there are any restrictions, we will ensure to take them into account when designing your ideal basement.

Once planning permission and Party Wall Agreements are ready, the building phase can begin.

The structural phase will typically involve the following:


  • Securing the site

  • Weatherproofing

  • Ensuring it passes all health and safety requirements

  • Securing the underpinning

  • Digging out the soil and ensuring its correct disposal

Once the above has been completed, we’ll waterproof the basement.


At Home Constructive, this is usually achieved using sump and pump drainage systems and we also add a delta membrane system, which will further dampproof the basement space.


If your design includes any lightwells or skylights, it is in this stage that they will be fitted.

Once the structural phase is complete, and any light wells or skylights are installed, the next stage is to fit out the basement. This means converting the empty shell into a habitable space.


What will be done and how long this will take depends on your conditions, but here is a rough guide of what can be accomplished.


  • Installation of utilities such as gas, electric and plumbing

  • Flooring – including underfloor heating

  • Any customized carpentry and joinery required

  • Pool, bathroom or kitchen installation

  • Any additional specifications that need to be added

Once this stage is completed, a member of the Home Constructive team will meet up with you to make sure you are pleased with everything and to offer you a completion pack, which will include all guarantees, your gas and electrical safety certificates and building control sign-off.

If you are thinking of converting your basement in Uxbridge West London, then contact us for a free site survey.


Why are we Uxbridge and London’s Leading Basement Conversion Specialists?

  • We specialise in 100% superbly bespoke design and build projects.

  • We price match.

  • 10-year warranty.

  • Incredible customer feedback.

  • A beautiful portfolio of work free to view. View our work here

For more information on basement conversions in Uxbridge, and the complete Home Constructive service, call us today on 07891 981021, and grab yourself a free no-obligation quote!

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