Our Story


Hello! My name is Artan and I am the founder and director of Home Constructive.


I' ve been subcontracting work for respectable house extension builders in London for the past 15 years.


Throughout these years I got to witness the negative impact middlemen had on the projects I worked on.


I quickly realised how flawed this model was and saw the potential to offer something fresh!

This inspired me to come up with a radical solution that would speed up the process while making it simple and straightforward.


Working directly for homeowners allows us to have total control over the project which in turn reduces costs and completion times.


Using the trusted network of interior designers, architects and tradesmen which I've built over the years I set up Home Constructive

Specialising in house extensions, we offer an all-in-one build and design service that eliminates confusion, reduces costs and simplifies the process - giving you complete peace of mind!


Additionally, we have the freedom of tailoring each project to your budget and needs.

Why Choose Us

  • Your level of involvement in the project is entirely up to you! 

  • All of our services are completely versatile and adaptable to your circumstances - because we know that every project is as unique as every homeowner. 

  • It is our job to ensure the smooth operation of our projects while giving you peace of mind.


  • We handle all technicalities and keep you informed while your project progresses.


  • As a homeowner living in Uxbridge, I know firsthand that home improvement is a big investment. This requires a company which inspires sheer confidence, this is why I promise to respect your property as if it were my own.

  • Over the past decade, we have completed over 50 projects in West London and have guided many homeowners into effectively transforming their home into the abode of their dreams. 



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